Covid: appeal to citizens, respected rules – valley of Aosta

“We appeal to the whole community to reflect on the fact that the spread of pandemic severely undermines the economic system and severely limits personal freedom. citizens, boys and a little everyone must understand that if we want to return to normal as soon as possible we have to try to apply those rules that avoid the spread of the virus.” It is the appeal that confcommercio launches to the community of Aosta in an open letter sent to institutions and law enforcement.

“the valley of aosta is the only region that worsens – we read – and this happens because there are probably faults in tracking contact and control activity. Close the activities reduces only 13% the chances of contagion. We ask ourselves: what controls are carried out in the remaining 87% of the places where the counters are vetted?

“We are really tired, exhausted, demotivated, discouraged – the letter continues – so that they are us to pay for the imprudence and the incivilization of too many irresponsible. The regional committee prepares an emergency plan to support production activities and do so immediately”.