Covid: gdf controls in the Neapolitan, 162 sanctions – campania

The controls concerned mainly napoli city, following the decisions of the provincial committee for public order and security, in particular via toledo, the promenade, via partenope, via chiaia, the decumans. Controls also at sea in the waters antistant mergellina and holy lucia. Also in the immediate adjoining of the harbour area, the ii group has sanctioned 48 people surprises in the street without compromising reasons, outside the own municipality of residence or during the curfew.

Other anti-talic sanctions to people and commercial exercises also in the province, between portici, san giorgio a cremano, caivano, giugliano in campania, qualiano, pozzuoli, quarter, bay, castle of cisterna, pomigliano d’arco, palma campania, san gennaro vesuviano, san giuseppe veseppe vesuviano, tower and tower of the Greek.