Covid: opposition, saving plan against collapse – sardegna

The sardegna is one of the regions which, due to covid-19’s pandemic, has greater structural fragility and has the highest risk of closure of enterprises and mass dismissals. To avoid collapse, it is necessary to save the economy to be subjected to the attention of the sardinian assembly and the economic and social forces. It is the position of minorities in the regional council contained in a motion which bears the first signature of the Vice-President of the Budget Committee cesare moriconi (pd.)

That is why the motion commits the president of the christian lonas region to “predispose immediately extraordinary financial instruments”. Alessandro solonas (m5s) emphasizes the need to “acquire divisive themes such as 107 to focus on projects with long-term effects”. Finally, it recalls that the type of crisis that the FF “is particularly affected by the enterprises of the central Sardinian”.