Cremonese, regret, charlie barnett, ian craney: “I am Not speaking of the referee, lost two points”

In the house of Cremona there is bitterness for the draw gained in Salerno in the area Cesarini. The technical Pierpaolo Bisoli, ejected in the final and very nervous throughout the race, did not say a word. And then Daniel charlie barnett, ian craney to analyze the pyrotechnic 3-3 of the Arechi: “it’s a draw that smacks of mockery, is not a particularly lucky one. With the Cosenza we have created so much and have collected zero points, with the Salerno we were ahead 2-0 and then 3-2 in the proximity of the recovery, and it seemed that the big was done. I would like to remind you that we faced an opponent far ahead of us in the standings, for more away. Arbitrage? It is not for me to talk about this topic, from the field it seemed to me that the penalties might be. So decided, it is useless to make recriminations. With a pinch of naughtiness in the most we would have brought home, I think we deserved the entire prize of all. Mister you transmit to us always the motivation, you know very well how it is good on the mental plane to prepare for their match.