Crime: high impact controls in Neapolitan,3 complaints – Campania

(ansa) – forest, 15 apr – three people reported and 18 sanctioned for non-compliance with anti-Covid restrictions. During the service, a 32-year-old man, already known to law enforcement, was denounced for resistance to official public. In fact, he didn’t respect the military’s high intimacy during a seven-term checkpoint and fled after a dangerous manoeuvre.

Was subsequently traced to his home and reported to the judicial authority. Finally, a 47-year-old man was reported on a prescription, after being checked on board a mini cooper that was stolen a few days before sant’antonio abate. During the service, seventeen searches were carried out at the expense of persons, vehicles and domiciles, 137 identified persons and 68 controlled vehicles.

During the entire service, eighteen contraventions were raised to the road code, with four vehicles seized and three licenses withdrawn.