Crotone, Stroppa: “it is Not necessary to do tragedies. Everything is still in our hands”

It is sad, Giovanni Stroppa, the coach of Crotone, in commenting on the tie to 1-1 on the field ofAscoli: “it Is difficult to comment on in a negative way this race because the team performance has done it and could safely bring home the result. Then the kick is this, if you do not close the matches, you run the risk of collecting less than you should have. Beyond the performance, what matters is to bring home the points. With all the opportunities we have created not you can get to a quarter of an hour from the end with a one-goal advantage. I do not feel, however, to do drama, it’s all still in our hands despite the the Citadel we have achieved and we have to start from the many good things that we showed tonight.”

With the team on the legs in the final because he has not made all the changes available?
“I didn’t want to create confusion, I would have been able to enter Zanellato to take better advantage of the situations on the ball is inactive, but in hindsight I find it hard to answer this question”.

After trips to Perugia and Ascoli back to the house with the most satisfaction or the most regrets?
“Regarding the growth of the team are absolutely satisfied, but inevitably there are regrets, and not only in the two trips but it is also about the match against Chievo. We could easily make the loot full and have another ranking and instead we are here to do “mea culpa”. No need to be disappointed, we must continue to fight and do not be satisfied with only the performance but also of the final result

After the opener, the team has been lowered too much?
“I don’t think, there was the reaction of Ascoli, but also after the 1-0 the opportunities we had and it was a sin not to have exploited to duty”.

Problem goal: the tips out of shape or there is a problem in the attacking phase?
“We are definitely less good than usual but also a little lucky, I do not think there is any kind of problem. We must insist on this road and hope that the strikers return soon to realize the great job done during the game.”

Declaration contained on the youtube channel of Sports Team Calabria.