Crotone to score there think Simy: for the fourth time in double digits in his career

Back second before the forced break, the Croton is training the cadet 2019/20 that draw less (4 times). Among the records team to have in their squad, the player who replaced the Series BKT 2019/20 (Mustacchio, 16 times), two of the 9 players from the cadets who have 28 attendance 28 (Cordaz and Barberis), one of the 5 always in the field (2520’ goalkeeper Cordaz, as the colleagues of the department Micai, Gori, Vicar, and Paleari) and the player who has played more minutes (Barberis, 2453’). To get a goal we think the nigerian Simy, arrived at the altitude of 13 in this tournament – the fourth time in double figures in his career – and the player of the “sharks” more decisive with 15 points, brought to the cause of calabria, thanks to their goal difference. “See” the record of goals in a season, however, Benali, arrived at 7 and 9 as primacy (Brescia 2014/15 in (B), already the record of the Crusade (5 goals) and Brown (3 centers), in a step Golemic (now at level 3, you must achieve 4 of 2015/16, of which 3 with the mesh of the Mladost Lucani and 1 to the Noise).