Curd bank: ok 2020 budget, 65mln to enterprises and families – Sardinian

Approved the 2020 budget of the co-operative credit bank of curlers. The results of the activity are generally increased, often to two digits. Sign more for the customers entrusted, passing from 1.828 to 1.917. net loans to customers increased by 19.27% from 161.3 mln to 192.4 mln, while the savings collection marked a +18.5%, from 249.2 mln to 295.3 mln.

Also raises own funds (+30.20%) which in 2020 amount to € 24,3 billion (18.7 in 2019). The concession activity was immediately adapted to the new needs and used extensively the exceptional instruments made available by the government. During the pandemic that brought with it deaths and sufferings, he put on knee many enterprises and deprived of the means of subsistence many families – he added pavan – the proximity to people and enterprises was our priority”.

In the course of 2020 the bank of curlers has opened a new siege headquarters; three young graduates and a new executive were hired. Moreover, in 2022 they will double the spaces of the seat of craggy avenue.