Curling, World 2021: Italy beats Norwegian, not the scozia: Lantan Olympics

Agrodolce day for Italy that has obtained a victory, against Norway, and a defeat, against the Scots, to the worlds of curling in course of course to calgary (canada). Unfortunately, the path that leads to the olympics of Peking 2022 is terribly complicated. The blues, in fact, see the sixth place that would go beyond the five circles.

Joel retornaz, amos mosaner, sebastiano arman, early morning young girl must win the next two challenges and hope in some favorable combination, although at this point it would serve a sports miracle. The blues have literally dominated the challenge against the Northwest. In the second challenge, the blue had to surrender, instead, to the very strong Scotia.

This was also a historyless match, unfortunately in the opposite direction than the previous one. The blues, after having suffered two points in the second end, lost their hand in the next two, seeing the opponents run away until 4-0. The pursuit of Italy is vain and does not bring great results.

The final is discounted 7-2 in favor of the Scots. Blues are called to win both challenges and hope in good luck if they still want to cradle the Olympic dream. World ranking curling 20211.

Italy 5 (11)9. japan 4 (10)9. Dutch 1 (10)curling Italy defeat by Canada and Russia. Ever more distant Olympics yesterday at 06:22