Cut or stop the salaries of the players? All the assumptions and positions in ballroom dance

The players to reduce salaries? A question in the middle between the need, the budget and the contingency. As if the future of the company the balloon depended only on the salary of its members. That weigh yes much on the budgets but that they are certainly not the only factor to consider in a rescheduling of the industry ball as a result of the health emergency. That comes from the world of the players is that nobody wants to fail to do their part in such a difficult time. The component of the players has no place, in the course of these weeks, no aut aut to others in the world of football. However, on the other parte’is there is also the awareness and intention to equally distribute the sacrifices, and the sacrifice also from the economic point of view with the other counterparties.

Stop the salaries? Eye at a resolution Not only cut, among the hypotheses ventilated there is also a stop to remuneration of march, the month in which you are not, in practice, played. A proposal that the company will have in the line common to the Federation and the AIC tomorrow. Remove tout court wages to occurred, or for lack of performance in sports (workouts, games, retreats) on the part of the athlete vis-à-vis the company, may create a short circuit. Some members may ricorrrere also to the international organizations to ask for resolutions of contract, whether the parties in the case would clearly avoid.

No proposal on the table today there is no proposal on the table to be part of the League but that will be, however, formulated tomorrow in all probability. The intention of the trade unions is for the moment, that wait to understand when to resume and also the components of the Alloy seem to be of the same opinion. Ask for waivers percentage and then having to ask for more seems like a move structural, for this, a formal request may arrive when there will be an official decision of the Government of the Federation on the resumption of activities.

And in the case of the cancellation of the season? There is also this option. And in the case of the cancellation of the season, what happens? The club should be to lose, including television rights (a figure of between 75 and 80 million), box office revenue (approximately 6% of revenue) and sponsorship, a percentage, estimated to be between 25% and 35% of the total revenue for this season. You may ask for a waiver of the same percentage of salary even for the players, of course, putting on the table all the facts and figures of the financial statements. On the other hand, in addition to the request for intervention to the Government, there is also already the idea of the establishment of a Fund of solidarity to support the smaller companies, and, most in trouble.