Cycling, accident for manuel senni: invested in training

No good news come on the account of manuel senni, runner of the team love and life. The blue cyclist, in fact, was invested yesterday by a car while he was training on the roads of savignano sul Rubicone. Senni was facing a long straight ahead of him and saw himself cut the road from a car that suddenly invaded the road where he was.

For this reason the Roman athlete could not do anything to avoid the accident. The impact was important and the cyclist was first catapulted on the hood of the car and then fell to the ground, violently beating the head on the asphalt. Transported to the first aid, in senni have been applied stitches to the face and diagnosed contusions various (zigomo, jaw, shoulder, knee and hand.)

However it was a real miracle because it could really end very badly,” the words of the tricolor cyclist (source: Tuttobiciweb.) Such accidents can seriously ruin people’s lives and it would be a little more common sense and concentration to avoid them. Manuel was very lucky, but how many other cyclists did it go worse!?

I myself, in 2003, was invested with a dynamic very similar to that of our cyclist, with much more serious consequences and was forced to stop running. So I want to make an appeal to respect who goes by bicycle or who walks on the road. Between pogacar and roglic, wins aranburu: highlightstour of Italy that crono of nibali, but roglic is the first pink jersey of the round!