Cycling, Italian tour – lucky lorenzo, the former bomber who Contador dreams of bringing to success in the big laps

Lucky lorenzo. Had pedaled with the best in almost all mountain stages and was in the zoncolan managed to do something important. Before we figure out what the future of the Bologna runner will be, let’s go dig a little in his past.

Had pedaled with the best in almost all the mountain stages and was in the top 10 of the youth rankings. But we wanted to see his leash and on managed to do something important. Writing your name in the golden pit of the hardest climb in Europe is something magical.

Before we figure out what the future of the Bologna runner will be, let’s go dig a little in his past. Rankings and resultstour of Italy: startlist, withdrawn and disqualified by jury 08/05/2021 at 21:47Lucky does the business! Triumph on the zoncolan, relive the arrivallucky he started as a footballer: was a bomberBefore starting with cycling, lucky lorenzo dreamed of a football career.

He had begun with the team of the San Lazarus of Savena, the team of his country, but after some time he was amazed. With a lot of motivation: “I sign, but my team loses”My first passion was football. I was doing a lot of goals, but my team wasn’t much.

I immediately liked it, I enjoyed it, and with the beginnings and students I also began to win. [Lorenzo fortunate a spacecycling]the beginnings and internship at the tinkoff. From theHe then began with the S.C. san lazzaro cycling team, doing all the quintessenting, pupils and juniors.

Among the juniores wins 12 races, among these the round of the friuli, the trophy guide dorigo and the gp village panigale. Here gets the first success among the under, with the victory of the fairy trophy. The team where he militates a certain tree-lined Contador.

At that time, I was strong and the tinkoff made me participate in different races. In particular I remember with pleasure the tour des fjords, which I closed 13th in the general ranking after also a 8° place of stage. Then the fact that it was the last year of the team did not help me at all.

At that point I was a little relaxed and the results began to come less. He also participates in the lap of lombardia, but does not miss the desire to study so much that he graduates in motor sciences. Always with citracca passes to Vini-Zabù in 2020 and begins with a 8° place in the general of the tour de langkawi.

Dreams of the Italian tour, but is not convened for the edition 103. then the passage to the kometa helo. The reaction of Contador: almost in tears for the victory of luckya future as a leader of races to stages? And now what future is for lucky lorenzo?

The rider of the heol, however, not enough to have won on the zoncolan and hopes to center another success of prestige uphill. Then in the next few years you will be able to try to cure also the ranking. The dream of tree-lined Contador is just this: find the runners of the future.

Runners who can win in the races at stages, but we aim to make them grow here with our Fundación”. And then in good luck for the future lorenzo! Lucky: “unimaginable success, I will try again”the reference runner?

Marco Pantaniand talking about races at stages, lucky lorenzo has the answer ready when you ask him what runner is inspired. And then on the internet is full of videos with victories and its memorable attacksthe curiosity: the tree-lined tomb is his fan because. In the Modena-Cattolica stage, it was also passed by San lazzaro, from the house of lucky lorenzo.

The runner of the heol anticipated the group for the classic ‘visit relatives’ in the city with so many acquaintances to greet him on the road. There was the father-marco and with him an exceptional guest, tree-lined tomb. There’s a little bean: Lucky marco, father of lorenzo, was the companion of the tree-lined tomb that he also wanted to go to greet the little lorenzo.

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