Davide Astori example of normality: still unites three years from unjust death

Davide astori was not an exceptional footballer, one of those who have personal fans clubs and become myths and references for a generation. He wasn’t even one of those who put themselves in front of the group to show that they were really special. The players like Davide Astori are essentially themselves, in the sense that we do not perceive a small color patina, knowing how to demonstrate fragility, desire to compete, desire to win and controlled fear of defeat.

That is why three years after David’s death we still think of how unfair for a normal man to die for some exceptional and infido reason. Today Davide Astori is remembered wherever he played and not only in his last team, Fiorentina, of which he was also captain. It is difficult for football cities to connect for an ideal, even more difficult than for a footballer.

Hard to share the love for a footballer because almost always this feeling is also a motion of opposition to other teams. Perhaps this is the small miracle that has been able to make a footballer and a normal person, create something exceptional and almost impossible. It will always be like this and if this ovate feeling of suffering will never really go away, at least it will remain the bond that unites those who saw a normal footballer become an example.