De Zerbi: “we Want at all costs to 8th place. So many absent, but with Napoli there will be an 11-strong”

Roberto De Zerbi has spoken in the press conference on the eve of the match against Napoli. The coach of Sassuolo has set in the eighth place, the final objective, and the said several times in the course of the call-and-response.

The ko’s match against Milan and against Napoli – “at Least as early as when we were eleven against eleven, we have not done badly. It is true that we were losing but the game was open, the expulsion has affected us so much. We took a two-goal stupid, but we could do something more to get a positive result. Tomorrow in Naples, we should play a game by taking the forces within us, we are of the injured and some of them are tired, but so are the others. There are still ten days and we want to reach the last eight, for us it is an important goal and would like to give to give a sense of the season. Not lower even an inch, the guard will be so until the end.”

You need to be able to live with the victories – “I Understand that you are tired, that there are 40 degrees and ten games in a month are many to play, however, lacking ten days, and we dance for the eighth spot in Serie A. We’re all young, I am the first, and then when you are young you have to have hunger, and go beyond the difficulties. What was with Juve, Lazio and with the Bologna is already the past. You need to be able to live with the defeats but also victories”.

The point about the infirmary – “We have many players out: there is Romagna that is so. Then Obiang, Toljan, Defrel, Chiriches and Boga are all out. However, seeing who is available, I say that tomorrow we can put in the field a very strong team”.

Gattuso mutual esteem – “He is brilliant to load and motivating the team. Has done an outstanding job, won the Italian Cup, drew with Barcelona and has revitalized the Naples. The esteem that he has for me is the same that I feel for him.”

Give our best until the end – “In this moment all the teams are tired, even Milan was not shiny on Tuesday. Now we must create within themselves the forces, mental and physical, and us with the objective that we should do less work of the other. We need to fight the fatigue with the blinkers on.”.

Objective to eighth place – “We could have done more, especially in the first round. However, last summer we changed so much by entering a range of young foreigners and then for them to make sure the temperature it is served a bit of time. I’m glad for what we have done, but we could do more and it is for this reason that I would like to finish well. We must accustom ourselves to do things well, to live with the victories. You have to take the points in these three games, there are teams alive and strong: the 48 points to get a knockout is not enough for us, probably wouldn’t be enough, not even 3 or 4 more but it will serve even more”.