Death Kobe Bryant: the movie of the helicopter a few minutes before the crash

(fonte ABC/Youtube)in the photo: (source: ABC/Youtube)

A few days after the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and the other 8 people, which took place on the hills in california, it was distributed amateur video that’d be the aircraft a few moments before the tragic impact. While the investigations are still ongoing, and investigators are considering all possible assumptions as to the true causes that led to the tragedy, has become a viral movie of a filmmaker who, from his home in Glendale, California, he was a helicopter that was flying very low than usual.

The video, which has not yet been considered real by the investigators is considered, however, the trusted and real by different journalistic sources in the us. The images that frame the aircraft to very low altitude to avoid the dense fog, have really been filmed in the area in the vicinity of the tragedy that occurred at the Calabas Sunday 26 January at 19.40 local. The helicopter in the video makes a semi-circle waiting to resume the journey to the ‘Mamba the Academy‘, the goal of the trip, Kobe and the other passengers. It is the moment in which the pilot, in agreement with the control tower is waiting for the mist you dispel, doing laps around the houses. we will do this for about 15 minutes, then the fateful choice to turn towards the south, in the mountainous area where it will crash at 300km/h on the edges of the slope.

Video taken by all of America, and is trusted

The video was captured from the main online newspapers american, from FoxNews to Abc and Nypost and is considered to be trusted while being filmed by a filmmaker and there are at the moment the elements that certify it truly is the Sikorsky S-76B of Kobe Bryant. It is circulated also in the news – always to the verification of the authority – for which the video could be traced back to a previous episode, dating back to 2019. In the meantime, continue relief efforts on the area of the crash. After you have identified all 9 of the victims, they are also retrieved the various parts of the aircraft, in addition to the recordings of the flight and the conversations of the pilot, before the impact, he had had with the control tower.