Delio Rossi: “Ranieri formichina, salvation in the hands of Genoa. Palermo? If you are calling…”

The coach Delio Rossi has taken part in a direct to TMW Radio, in the course of the transmission Stage Open, at the microphones of Francis Welcome and Dimitri Accounts, starting with a memory of the last time that the Lazio reached the Champions League, with him on the bench: “to Participate in the Champions league is a big event, the match is totally different from mine, which was under construction and as soon as taken from Lotito. This, however, was scheduled to arrive”.

Understandable the disappointment of the lazio fans as they were putting things?
“Clear that there was a positive trend, and the scheduling of games a week. So, instead, you cleared everything, especially the european challenges of the competitors. In the eyes of the people, however, are always the last games: who is doing 28 points in the first leg and 10 in the back you save, but this is a crap of the championship, while the reverse is large”.

Between Lecce and Genoa will challenge salvation until the end.
“Being fond of both teams that I have coached, I would like you to save both but you can’t. For me it’s all in the hands of the Genoa, the right then that retroceda who of the two comes behind. We, however, we assess this period as the continuation of the championship, while I think they are just two different tournaments: you do not explain that those who first struggled now is to be Champions and vice versa, for me the truth is in the middle”.

In the Juve is the biggest difference from a technical aspect, or the company?
“A successful project can not be separated by a large corporation: it is a great club to be a coach, hardly the opposite.”

There is the feeling that Lecce could have to present up a few more?
“The regret is part of the game but maybe we forget the draws with Juventus and Inter, where you could also not make up the points. The condemnation came in direct clashes, the past: think, for example, the goals get taken with the Genoa. However, it is always all with the benefit of hindsight: for me, the games end at 90′, to focus on a single challenge is wrong, and this is true for all. Then there are those games that are a watershed, I think, for example, in the first leg between Lazio and Atalanta: win 3-0 then 3-3, and there for the Lazio started another championship.”

Remaining, then, more general, how to judge the work of Liverani?
“The story is who wins, not who loses. I make the example of a coach who has made a career of incredible, coming on penalties in the final of the Champions league after being on the brink of relegation. If he lost, he was probably relieved, instead he won it. I speak of perception, then every company must make assessments on the basis of material, goals and difficulties, otherwise who wins is always evil, and those who lose well. It could also be a miracle the fact that the penalty is there to fight for the salvation of the last game. I then I really like Fabio, for me, would be to foster”.

Who of the many players who had then become coaches, felt that a time would come, where is it?
“Ask me this question often, but american coaches are two status different. The player only thinks of himself, the coach of everything and everybody except himself. There are players who have sensitivity football, and, for example, Liverani, and between these, or is there Breda which to me looks a lot like iter, but it is difficult to understand it first. I think then that the environment that you frequent will allow you to understand how you think in any context, for example, as happened to Simone Inzaghi for Lazio of Cragnotti full of samples. Many fail to make the step, because you must think like if you go and do another job”.

Because in Italy there are so many modules with defenses to three?
“You are not allowed regardless of the players you have: if there are three central good and fast, it is easier to find two external and two full-backs. The latter, which is good in the two phases, are not easily found, and just think of the Juventus. It always depends on what one wants to coach, and I say that for the most part they play to three, not five. Right Guardiola, or the ball that comes to you to take the most high. There is, however, a game system that is superior to another, that make the difference are always the players. It is not the module itself to determine, or we do not understand how the players of the Atalanta seem to be very strong and out there of the runaways”.

Well-deserved for confirmation of the Park in the Florentine?
“Very likely to have evaluated the difficulty of the context, because the onset is not easy, and understand that both morally and technically has been evaluated to be the right person for the future. I don’t think is just a bonus because it is saved…”.

The career of a Pastor has fulfilled expectations?
“Be the holder in the squad of PSG is not for everyone. Surely Flaco, and the same applies to Palermo’s or Abel Hernandez or even Zarate, has that little extra, even if maybe they are players that you lose. He now has figured out how you train for football, because many slavs thought of having to rest in the week and be able to give everything on Sunday, but I sfidavo to do the opposite. But he has now figured out how it works, also because the Scoring is all intensity. If you do not touch with hand the benefits of this approach, however, will struggle, and do so understand the samples, it is difficult: who can make the difference. Also in Europe the difference is the intensity of the game, that of the Liverpool on all. The team and more european in this sense, is the Atalanta, even if the quality of the match did not have any: I’m curious because if you do not lift the rhythms are at risk as much.”

Already with Lyon?
“Yes, even with the Lyons, subject to the particular situation”.

What is the secret Ranieri to revive Sampdoria?
“I think the simplicity. He has asked the players the simple things, and the second thing, it seems to me, knowing him, also that he had an attitude from the father of the family. Being common-sense, not down in the negative and not excited for the positive ones. The difference is the environment: in Florence, to say, I don’t know if things would go as well… he Has empowered the players but without putting pressure. Did the formichina”.

If you were expecting a Kjaer as well?
“I’ve coached say that it is perhaps the strongest in the one-against-one who has ever trained. Quick, good in the air, he can also play the ball and this sets it apart from the markers. The only thing to make him defect, which have different players, the effort is in play inside the line. Thinking more instinctive than anything else, but the defense is mathematics. For example, in my opinion, Juventus is suffering because the movements on the defensive are not coordinated as it was in the Naples of Sarri. Interpret the role in a single individual. Another great for me is fatigue in the line is Manolas: he has difficulty to move with the other. On the quality of the player, however, I had no doubt: I see today that Kjaer has improved a lot, and will was also due to the time. I ce I was very young…”.

When we’ll see her again on the bench?
“Something moves, especially abroad. I can do only this, then…”.

Called the Palermo?
“I’m pretty pragmatic, and accustomed to not use the if’s and the but. When I went to Palermo, I knew that there was water in the throat, that the situation was desperate. But they are so fool and romantic that I’m going to throw the head into the mouth of the wolf. If you should happen, I will consider. I would like to go to Real Madrid, but if not they call me…”.