Derby Inter-Milan, the Baggies celebrated on the social: “There is a new king in town”

Victory spectacular in the Milan derby from Inter, coming from behind on Milan from 0-2 to 4-2 in the final, he opened wide the gates of Paradise to the people from the brazilian. A successful imperious, the coupling in the top of the Juventus, the confirmation that this team is never tame. And the certainty that by Sunday evening, “there is a new king in town”. It’s called Romelu Baggies, a genuine driving force in the field, that you autocelebra on Instagram and on their social profiles, enhancing the fans.

That’s right: the attacker, the belgian – who scored in the 93′ for the 4-2 final – knit raised in the night, exciting the San Siro, with the punch of the corner flag, celebrating with their fans celebrating a derby from the protagonist. The baggies wanted to send a message to Ibrahimovic, the swede who has split in two and the match in the first half with a goal and an assist, exulting in the face to his former fans

Has not lost time to the Minute, a few moments after the success in the derby he wanted to celebrate the feat of the team of Conte celebrating on the web, with an image that has already become an icon for the nerazzurri, in a night of exhilarating transformed from nightmare to real dream with open eyes. At the end of the game, the bomber nerazzurro, he immediately wanted to celebrate the victory and his performance with a post very significant on their own social channels.

“There is a new king in town” was the phrase that the Minute he decided to accompany the picture of her rejoices in raising to heaven his own jersey thanks to the help of the corner flag. A banner for the nerazzurri, which demonstrates the strength of an Inter that has reopened the championship (along with Lazio) taking advantage of the slip of Juventus in Verona. A post that many on social stressed as a dig indirectly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who always define a king, and that for one night, he had to assume the guise of a simple vassal.