Di Gennaro: “Coronavirus, fighting an invisible war”

The columnist, Antonio Di Gennaro, spoke on “the Stage Open” on TMW Radio to talk about the emergency Coronavirus.

You are now in Bari, as he is living the situation and the center-south?

“Certainly the data that we get from the civil protection, and give us a bit of optimism. Here the mayor and all the authorities are working good, still you are however waiting for a peak. The data suggest that the home stay is essential to keep the virus under control. It is not easy to stay in your home and I see myself reflected in those who has limited possibilities, maybe houses with no garden and the terraces have difficulty even to make a little bit of motion. I hope all of you come back to your as soon as possible, but I have a feeling that it will take a long time. It will be difficult to start again but it will be important to do so with the right precautions, it will not be like before the world in general, and I hope that after all there will be more cohesion among all, especially on the part of those who govern us”.

You can start in a short time?

“To be honest, I don’t know how it is possible to start again as did Wolfsburg, you will train groups of four while the Volkswagen leaves in cassaintegrazione many workers. We should be really safe before returning to the fields for the good of all, maybe you will start again behind closed doors. If you will be back to play in the summer, we must reform all together the regulations to ensure that the world of football can leave you in the best of ways.”

The calcium the child is most at risk?

“The world behind professional football is very vast and is at risk now. From this side, the season is practically over, restart will be difficult for the families to bear the costs having regard to the period of crisis that promises to. It is necessary to reform, to change the world of football in order to protect the minor and so you can start again all together in the most serene way possible”.

The kicker of the Reggio Bold, Alessandro Favalli, positive for Coronavirus stated that even if cured will not feel clear to start again now, what do you think?

“Footballers are people, and as such, the mental component is so important. It is understandable that the discourse of Races because when you are directly affected by things like human frailty appears in overwhelming. This is an invisible war, and I would never have thought that, in 2020, where you are traveling to a thousand per hour, this virus could be stopped all in a manner so overbearing. I hope this situation makes you think and maybe we better as a people and as a community, you must not have a short memory as unfortunately often happens”.