Dorothea Wierer, the star of the biathlon to the Fanpage.en: “a Thousand hours of training and a suitcase”

One thousand hours of training to shoot five shots in a few seconds. Win or lose, inside or out. It is a question of a moment: a blink of an eye, and a breath too are not granted. Dorothea Wierer took up his rifle and prepares himself for the challenge of the Biahtlon that awaits you at the World cup, and – who knows – Olympics-2022. The appointment circled in red in your calendar for mid-February: from 13 to 23 will be held the event in the world championship in Anterselva, in south Tyrol. To his house.

The athlete from Brunico / bruneck is one of the blue stronger, enough to merit the award of the best of the year 2019 of the Fisi (Italian Federation of Sports Onvernali). Behind many successes, there is some preparation work that she describes as “exhausting”, relating to the, and the awareness that in order to win is true the old adage: power (physics) also counts in the test of cross-country skiing, but is nothing without control… especially if you are coming to the polygon go outside the target: “If you happen to have is a trouble,” she admits, smiling Wierer –. You have to be fast, you must not make mistakes. Otherwise you’re forced to make metres extra”.

From the little he played football with the boys (“I was Not the view of a good eye for this”), Lindsey Vonn is the sport that you admire more, in the case (“Always ready, because we travel so much between races and training”) can not miss three things: mascara, phone, credit card are part of the outfit an accessory of the athlete-class of ’90. In his palmares include the World Cup in 2019, the silver at the Europeans in Val Ridanna, the bronze in Sochi in the relay, mixed, and the victories in the World Cup and the gold in the mass start at the World cup.

“Yes, but that’s so hard… – adds Dorothea Wierer -. This discipline involves sacrifices great. Just to think that I do a thousand hours of training, I also work in August while others go to the sea. And are always on the go. World cup and Olympics? Yes, I think of it… but sometimes I think it is also nice to have a normal life outside the sport. I will continue until I realize to be able to win.” Rifle in the shoulder, one target after the other.