Double Carmine, but Juric remains in 10. And Simeon reopen everything: Verona-Cagliari 2-1 to 45′

Where were we? Ah yes, the Verona that runs stronger than the others, and flies in the championship. We find almost the same, and the team of Ivan Juric, who was close in double the benefit for the first time on Cagliari. The men of Walter Zenga, however, shortening the last, strong also of the advantage of the numeric resulting from the expulsion of Borini. The first time While the end of the 2-1. And the recovery will not be at all obvious.

The home team part is very strong. And on the wings of a solution that is almost unprecedented: the quarter-hour, cross by Lazovic in-and out-plane-Samuel Di Carmine. Turn the head to the shoulders of Kranj, is now 1-0. The scaligeri have, almost immediately, the chance of finding the doubling, but the broadside of the same Lazovic you print on the crossbar, then the goalkeeper rossoblu you pass on Verre, and the Pharaohs. The 26’ is again Of the Carmine, and this time with a fireball from outside the area on the tip of Borini to score the winning goal.

Things for the Verona, is complicated to the 35’. Borini is anticipating Rog on the ball, but holds the foot high. Called to the monitor by the VAR, the referee Manganiello decides to pull out the red card and ejects the striker of Hellas. An event that gives new confidence to the guests, all the more so that after 10 minutes John Simeon, to question everything: the launch of the Home, but the air of Pilgrims, and turned to flight the Cholito. The night of defense of Verona, on the occasion, but the match is re-opened. Verona-Cagliari 2-1 at the Bentegodi.