Double Of Maria and Meunier sink the Real: Paris Saint Germain passes the Blancos 3-0

The Paris Saint Germain, but without the attack the owner, Mbappé, Neymar and Cavani, wins and convinces against a bad Real Madrid to a 3-0 lead and can already see, with Brugge and Galatasaray in the group (equal today between the two teams), the primacy of the group In this Champions League. For a debut, very, very positive, albeit against an edition of madrid, far from the galactic. With a former, Of Mary, that the resolves with two signatures, at 14’ and 33’, which beffano the careful guard of Courtois. Then, it’s cruise control for the frenchmen who are most at risk of a couple of circumstances with Bale, on all, near to the reopening of the race, but that reach, in the end, the deserved tris Meunier, the blow of the final Ko. For a match that drags on with almost the same plot, command of the operations to the hosts, even in the recovery. Psg ready, given the absences, Madrid, away from the form and the character who imagines his coach.

The First Time

Mary’s opened the match, the Real immediately below

The study phase between the two battleships, also without several players, see the absences of Marcelo, Sergio Ramos, Cavani, Modric, Isco, Mbappé or Neymar, lasting just 13 laps of the clock. When Mary, with the usual intelligence, anticipates all, Courtois , inclusive, on the first post. The merit of the ball recovered in the forward from Paris Saint Germain, but also one-two on the left side of the hosts with Icardi that free Bernat undisturbed then placed in the center of the sphere. With the Fideo was able to touch it to the tip, as in 5 a side football, and in football: its the 19th in the Champions League.

Hazard tries to answer. Bale tries a kick, but Maria is unleashed

The Real, not shaken, with pride, trying to make his game. Even if the phrasing in the Post is as elegant as sterile. With Marquinhos, on the occasion of the median in front of the defense, good and careful to close them all. Yet, the individuality, the guests can also to do evil and to penetrate, even if only in a small crevice, between the tunics of the opponent’s. White for the occasion. And so, the Hazard to pass the ball to the left of Navas, a few minutes after the 1-0, and thus, the Bale is lacking a little in the bang a free-kick from the edge of the. But the game is in the hands of Psg, who dribbles well, press on with firmness , keep the narrow lines of the units and to find space in attack.

With the former Real Mary unleashed and with the hot-foot. So to find the point of the 2-0 from the edge of the penalty area on the tip of the central good Gueye. Real difficulty and with one goal, to Bale 33’, cancelled by the Var for apparent handball, before the sweet lob to the damage of former team-mate Navas.

le posizioni medie in campo del Paris Saint Germain (a sinistra) e del Real Madrid (a destra) ( the picture: the average positions in the field of the Paris Saint Germain (left) and Real Madrid (right) (

More Bale, Hazard, Icardi doing the dirty work

In the first portion of the game the big in the field which, as said, not all those at the disposal of the two teams, they put together different performance. Hazard will disengage intermittently, finding the right insight. Without, however, affecting in game economy nor drag his own who are in desperate need of a leader. In this part of the race becomes Bale, one of the few to fight with strength, determination and energy by tapping into a couple of chance the network. Icardi, instead, to his first real match with the new club, moves well, fight and ago department alone putting out and adding valuable points to climb the internal hierarchies in the time of the return of the Matador Cavani. Before exiting to the time of the game for ChoupoMoting.

le statistiche del match secondo l’Uefain the picture: the statistics of the match according to Uefa

The Second Time

The Three of them, but without sting, the Psg touches the tris

The return from the changing rooms to change slightly the plot of the match. With a Psg balance to the command, in fact, is the Real having to do something more. And the Blancos leave the better. But with the usual log: phrasing in the slow arpeggios that are too complicated and few conclusions which in the end would sap the same as Real, which then gives way and loses his confidence. So much so that the owners of the house, with the first usually Of Mary, which she devours a goal scucchiaiando evil in the face of Courtois, and then with Sarabia, who puts it just wide on a low cross of a wild Fideo, to be close to tris, to the blow of the final Ko.

i tentativi in porta di Di Maria (in azzurro) e Benzema (in arancio) ( the photo: the attempts on goal of Di Maria (in blue) and Benzema (orange) (

Casillas, as captain, we test in the final. Meunier closes

In the final race, the captain Casillas raises the bar of pride, of belonging. And with the help of a Psg, which lowers the concentration, the former Lyon becomes dangerous and almost the last handhold to avoid a predictable, and well-deserved defeat. But before the ball into the net for the active position of Lucas Vazquez denying the joy of scoring goals, and then bad luck with a header that bounces just wide less than ten from the end, closed for good, the challenge of the ‘Parco dei Principi’. With Meunier, at the end, good only to redesign a counterattack, the result on the 3-0. A result almost never in doubt this evening.

i voti di sofascore.comin the photo: the votes of

Match reports and ratings

Paris Saint Germain (4-3-3) #1 Navas 6; #12 Meunier 7, #2 Thiago Silva 6.5, #3 Kimpembe 6-, #14 Bernat 6.5; #27 Gueye 7, #5 Marquinhos 7 (70′ Ander Herrera 6), #6 Verratti 6+; #19 Sarabia 6.5 (From 89′ Diallo’s.v.), #18 Victory 6+ (From The 60’ Choupo-Moting 6), #11 Mary 7.5. Available: #16 Sergio Rico; #20 Kurzawa, #22 Diallo; #21 Andrea Herrera, #8 Leandro Paredes; 17 Choupo-Moting. Coach Thomas Tuchel 7

Real Madrid (4-3-3) #13 Courtois 5.5; #2 Carvajal 6; #3 and Eder Played a 5.5, #5 Varane 5.5, #23 Mendy 5.5; #8 Kroos 5.5, #14 fa invest in facilities upgrade 6-, #16 James Rodriguez 5.5 (From the 70’ Jovic 5.5); #7, Hazard 6- (70’ Lucas Vazquez 6.5), #9 Benzema 5.5, #11 Bale 6.5 (From 79’ Vinicius s.v.). Available: #1 Areola; #35 De La Fuente, #19 Odriozola; #17 Lucas Vazquez; #27 Rodrygo, #25 Vinicius, #18 Jovic. Coach Zinedine Zidane 5.5