Dr. Andreoni: “COVID-19? The hope is that it disappears in June”

Massimo Andreoni, scientific director of the Italian Society of infectious diseases and a professor at the University Tor Vergata of Rome, has spoken of the Coronavirus to TMW Radio, during the Maracana. These are some jokes:

At high temperatures, the virus dies?
“Let’s talk about ambient temperatures. The Covid-19 is a Coronavirus, very common, seasonal. Normally we see these outbreaks up to April, maximum may. The hope, as did Sars, it disappears in June, as in that case. The element of difficulty is that the Earth has different areas and that this alternation, in a world so globalized, it may be subjected to alternate this epidemic.”

What kind of times we have to return to a normal life?
“I am afraid that anyway it will be a something that we have to live up to the beginning of the summer. But will depend on the level of the epidemic that we are able to create”.

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