Drama Zanardi. Prof. Scolletta: “The stable conditions of two days from the trauma there to give hope”

New updates from Scotte of Siena, where he is in a coma Alex Zanardi. Dr. Sabino Scolletta, director of the department of emergency-urgency, provides the latest news:
“Alex spent the night in conditions of stability, cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic. Remains intubated and sedated, mechanically ventilated, but is well adapted to the fan mechanic. Conditions such as heart problems are stable and adequate. The neuromonitoraggio showed a certain stability, even if this figure must be taken with caution because the framework neurological remains severe, The clinical conditions are stable, although this does not allow us to exclude a possible evolution or complicating. For this reason, the prognosis remains reserved. Keep him sedated to keep him stable, we will evaluate in the next few days if you start to suspend the sedation to evaluate the framework neurological. Everything will depend on the stability of the clinical condition.

We are confident in his chances of recovery, is a great athlete and he showed it. The general conditions are stable, we are quite satisfied with how it is progressing the clinical picture.

In this moment we are focusing on the framework of neurology, the comparison with the neurosurgeons is constant. The conditions are as stable as yesterday. The fact that the conditions are still stable, two days from the trauma, gives us great confidence”.