Dromos announces the first dates, August 8th arrives niccolò fabi – sardegna

Music, visual arts, meetings and events between July and August in oristanese. The poster of the dromos festival is being staged, which for the 23rd edition chooses an emblematic title of lippile. “the dromos lippies will be ‘political and metaphorical images’ – explains anna rita punzo, curator of the visual arts section of the festival – literal ‘vittime of pollution in which they converge ideas, virtues and existences animated by courage, the ability not to surrender, to remain and persevere despite everything”.

The civic museum of san vero milis instead hosts a collective exhibition curated from annaon the forehead of anti-Covid measures, dromos will adopt sanyphone, an innovative and unpublished device of sanification of sets and microphones to UV-C technology, ultraviolet radiation to short wave, from the high germicidal power on bacteria and viruses.