Drugs: maxiblitz in Mexican, dozens of arrests – Sicily

(ansa) – Mexican, 04 May – the Mexican police have carried out dozens of precautionary measures against the members of two criminal organizations of drug traffickers active in the rion of judiciary, in the past theater of a war between the clans of the arrigo and the bonanno for the control of the territory and the market of the narcotics. The operation, called ‘market place,’ has allowed to discover two criminal organizations able to handle large amounts of drugs (cocaine, marijuana, hashish and skunk) and manage a widespread distribution through numerous pushers active in the city and province. Different repentants who have collaborated on the investigation.

Some investigating persons have ended up in prison, others at domiciles, others have yet been notified of the obligation to submit to the judicial police. Seized apartments, garages, cars, motorcycles and money (exhaust).