Elisa Di Francisca at the Fanpage.en: “the Olympics, I am firm. In the event of a referral I could give up”

There is great confusion around the Olympics in 2020. The CIO, who had confirmed the appointment with Tokyo 2020, with a press release, in the last hours has officially opened to the postponement because of the Coronavirus, with final decision to be taken within four weeks. In order to understand how they are experiencing this moment of uncertainty athletes who should fly in Japan, we spoke with the extraordinary fencer Elisa Di Francisca. The olympic champion at the London 2012 Games, both in the individual and in the team competition; silver medal to Rio de Janeiro in 2016, the individual event and the winner of the World Cup in 2011 and in 2015, he told the microphones of the Fanpage.it is experiencing the period of restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 , and all his doubts in key Olympics.

Elisa, how are you? Where are you passing this isolation due to the emergency Coronavirus?
“All is well. I am in Rome with my family. Take advantage of this situation to spend more time with my son and with my family. We try to do so many things that usually we don’t have time to do together. I’m getting very good at noticing things out of place why not going in a hurry I immediately notice the differences.”

As the seems far away to the stage of the World Cup in Kazan on 22 February?
“A lot of it. It seems far away. It seems to me sincerely to have stopped another time for motherhood”.

The IOC is considering a possible referral to the Olympics. How are you experiencing the situation?
“To be honest, with a bit of anxiety. Not have the certainty of knowing if these Olympics are to take place or less a bit of concern to me. As soon as I hear any news I try to understand if they have taken a decision or not, if there are news. Are stopped from 10/15 days and I’m not training as I should. I am doing things on the pad for arms and legs but I do not take the foil, I do not do the lesson, and not shooting my team-mates. The situation a little bit concerns me: on their part I understand that they are not able to take a decision well in advance and are trying to understand the performance of this virus, however, we will have the next race of the World Cup in may in Germany and at that point, seeing the situation of the other states, it is likely that they are passing what we are experiencing ourselves now. I see far also the World Cup”.

How to prepare an athlete who has not the certainty of the departure of the event.
“We’re waiting for. There are big provisions for the time we live in uncertainty. I was waiting to do this race in Los Angeles on Sunday while others would have gone on holiday to disconnect a bit before getting back to work for the preparation. I had thought not to stop because I didn’t want to stop training and remain constant, always in activity, but it is received the forced stop, and we are so in the ‘vacation'”.

You are comparing with the teammates or other athletes? What is the widespread thought?
“We are in contact but do not we say what we do. I know that some athletic trainers have the mandate of the programs to do in the house that serve both the physical and at a mental level, since we went from doing hours of training to zero, and this can become a problem.”

There is the fear that the interests prevail on the attention to the safety of the athletes?
“No, I don’t think. I think that they will take informed decisions. The Olympics are an event so great that I don’t think they can make decisions to the detriment of the athletes.”

It could be her first Olympic games, by mother. In the case that one could go to Tokyo, his son would be with her?
“In these conditions I would say no, and if they should be confirmed in the Olympics I will leave it at home with the family. If there was all this we had thought for him to live a different experience but, at the same time, I would not have been able to spend much time with him because we would be leaving 10 days before to get used to the time zone and then all the commitments”.

A possible extension of the Olympics to 2021 or 2022, as it would change its prospects?
“So much, change so much. I wanted to do the Olympics and then I thought of another son. I’m thinking for a long time, and in the case that you get a shift of the Olympics is likely that I would be forced to make a decision and to give up”.