Emergency Coronavirus. Cesena: Agliardi: “Cut salaries? You protect the lower segment”

The goal of the Cesena Federico Agliardi to the microphones of Tuttoc.com he spoke about the possible reduction of the salaries of the players to cope with the crisis caused by the emergency Coronavirus: “We start from the fact that we are at war. A war strange, because played against a virus that can not be fought with live ammunition. But a real war because it has revolutionized and complicated the lives of everyone. That said, it is obvious that us players we are the first to have an interest in the sustainability of our system. The AIC is following very closely the story, we are often in a meeting. However, it is useless to put the hands forward. We need to think bocce ferme, understand how many and what will be the damage. – continue the Four – there Must be an intervention by the Government, which clearly now has other priorities. And also, UEFA and FIFA will have to do their part to find a solution and to allow the companies and the companies that we are behind to support the weight of the crisis. Salaries? In Series C there are many players who take the digits left to right and for this you need to find a solution that protects those who takes less, and this applies to football players as workers in other sectors. I hope that after this disaster we will find solutions that put all agree to give impetus to the ball of our own. In a moment of extraordinary things need extraordinary intervention”.