Emergency Coronavirus. Conte: “a Crisis without precedent. Ours is a very hard trial”

In the opening speech to the house of the President of the Council of Ministers, Giuseppe Conte, has spoken of the unprecedented crisis for our Country and not only. These are his words: “The spread of the epidemic has triggered in Italy and in Europe, an unprecedented crisis that is exposing our Country to a very hard trial. We are measuring with new habits with a negative impact on the entire production system. Are the days of ugly, we keep a record every day, with pain, new deaths. We never thought to look at images with a file of trucks with the internal coffins of our fellow citizens. We are close to all. Let me address a thought, from this hall, also of the extraordinary efforts of doctors, nurses and all those who risk their lives to save those of others. In the past few days I received a letter from one of them, Michelle, has asked me not to forget them when the crisis is over. We will not do this. We are fighting an invisible enemy that comes into our homes, we are limiting travel in order to avoid infection. This emergency comes to challenge our Country in all its components: economic, health and social services. The emergency affects the public and the private sector”.

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