Emergency Coronavirus. Conte: “the Decree to strengthen economic measures”

The president of the Council of Ministers, Giuseppe Conte, spoke to the Chamber about the Government’s initiatives to tackle the emergency Coronavirus: “The spread of the epidemic has triggered in Italy and in Europe, an unprecedented crisis that is exposing our Country to a very hard trial. We are measuring with new habits with a negative impact on the entire production system. Are the days of ugly, we keep a record every day, with pain, new deaths. We never thought to look at images with a file of trucks with the internal coffins of our fellow citizens. We are close to all. Let me address a thought, from this hall, also of the extraordinary efforts of doctors, nurses and all those who risk their lives to save those of others. In the past few days I received a letter from one of them, Michelle, has asked me not to forget them when the crisis is over. We will not do this. We are fighting an invisible enemy that comes into our homes, we are limiting travel in order to avoid infection. This emergency comes to challenge our Country in all its components: economic, health and social services. The emergency affects the public and the private sector. The Government is aware that its choices will depend on the consequences of life of the citizens. These choices will affect the future of all. Then will be the time of the financial statements and the evaluations and the choices will be judged, it will be the story to do so. I am here to report to our actions, that they must look to the common good. The Government has acted with the utmost determination, and with absolute speed, adopting the first measures very carefully, starting from the 22nd of January, well before it was declared the international emergency. On the 31st of January we have declared the National emergency, for a period of 6 months. The limitation of the contagion was a necessary choice, and in this regard the first interventions had the objective to isolate the infected. The first case was discovered on the 21st of February, and immediately, together with the Civil Protection, we assessed what we had to do. From that time we have issued decrees laws and DECREES to combat the infection and its consequences. We then ensured the maximum involvement of the Regions. With the DPCM of 11 march, we closed the commercial activities of the non-essential, then as a Government on the 14th of march, after 12 hours of intense work, we have regulated the measures taken to combat the spread of Coronavirus in the places of work, ensuring appropriate levels of protection. Finally, with the last prime minister’s DECREE of 22 march, we have further integrated the control measures of the infection, preventing the movement from one Municipality to another if not for justified reasons of necessity. This last measure proved to be too complex to process, since the identification of the production chains, the fundamental is found to be very delicate. In addition to the measures required by the Government is immediately activated to assist the health sector, allowing the recruitment of postgraduate students in medicine. The emergency requires a significant economic presence in the national and the european level. We currently have a +63.8% of seats in the icu. With regard to the economic factor at the time the intervention is insufficient, need credit support. There will be another intervention of a further 25 billion euros. We are working on a new decree that can enhance and strengthen the economic measures already adopted, on the front of liquidity, social protection and income support, for businesses, for families and for the self-employed. There will probably be a recession in the whole of Europe: our monetary union will come out the winner from the crisis with a new governance, we need a quality leap. Italy is working on the creation of tools, the common debt of the euro zone. We will work with the utmost determination and utmost courage. By remaining united will come out soon.”