Emergency Coronavirus, Director of the Spallanzani: “In the Lazio region, for we now have no alarm”

Francesco Vaia, director of the Hospital Spallanzani of Rome, has spoken to the microphones of Sky Sport 24: “I Would like to continue to talk about the numbers. To 19 tonight we have 80-positive patients compared to 73 this morning. Fourteen were suspicious, now we have two less. In resuscitation there were 15 yesterday, today, and tonight. There is a small differentiation because the more a patient is in good condition. At this time we have 51 beds available to accommodate other patients. We are quite in the trend, in Rome, than the rest of Italy. The phenomenon must not be underestimated, but at this time does not raise a alarm. There is a growth in small, contained, are 80 positive people. We are a hub and collects all the positives of the Lazio region, and the numbers are content. We are a Covid Hospital, we have given the availability to accommodate 222 beds, approving an instance that derives from an observation to the patients, i.e. understand that the intensive therapies are necessary, we have by now we opened 5 other beds in the icu. On march 20 there will be other 6, on April 5, the other 11 to reach 35. Until a few days ago all of the cases had a link with those of Lombardy”.