Emergency Coronavirus. Postponed the elective assembly of the Aic. Should have been held on the 27th of April

(ANSA) – ROMA, 25 MAR – the been suspended and postponed until the elective assembly of the Aic because of the pandemic by coronavirus. Initially set for 27 April, the appointment is suspended and postponed to a date to be established: for this reason – is to know the association of Italian footballers – are to be considered suspended, the terms of submission of applications. The assembly must choose the new number one called to pick up the baton of Damiano Tommasi. Also suspended, the terms for submission of applications and postponed to further notice in the assemblies of the sector and amateurs for the election of delegates of the football players and female soccer players eligible to participate at the next elective assembly Aic. The same goes for the elected assemblies of the three delegates senior . (ANSA).