Emergency Coronavirus – Salvini: “The Parliament must reopen. Decree incomplete”

In the course of the program, is Not the Arena on The 7, with the participation of the leader of the Northern League Matteo Salvini. Here are his words taken from PoliticaNews.en.

On the dialog box with the Count: “I came to Rome on purpose: we would like to work; by Count, however, I am not getting answers. All the categories are working, except us…”.

On closing the Parliament: “it is a moment that is too delicate: it can’t stay closed. We will ask you to Mattarella to intervene on this. During the Second World War, gathered all the war cabinet, with Churchill. To defeat the enemy in that war, all on united and compacted to… Us today we are attached to Facebook, and we will wait and accept.”

On the Decree of Care in Italy: “it is incomplete: it is not enough then tell the italians to stay at home. The elderly should be protected and assisted. Then you have to intervene to protect the head of the tax: it is not possible that there are children of the A-Series and B-Series”.

On conflict, the state and the Regions: “Absurd to talk about the negligence of the regions: governors of political colour different are working very well. Zaia and Fountain are working very well: a month ago there was the first died of Coronavirus; they established the red zone, and were criticized. Now instead…”.

On Conte: “There is a problem of democracy: it is not possible to take decisions at midnight that burden on the shoulders of many italians. This is not tolerable.”