EUROPA LEAGUE (18.55 pm) – Partial: Eintracht frankfurt and United next. Soon we start again

18.55 – WE’RE OFF!
4′ – Already two children of ammon, after a few minutes: yellow for Kahveci (I) and Santos (C).
17′ – the Game is fought, the hosts try to turn up the pace.
32′ – BA! THE OCCASION BASAKSEHIR! Great shot, the ball goes wide of the post on the bottom!

18.56 – HERE WE GO!
7′ – CHANCE EINTRACHT! Rode tries a shot from the edge, the ball goes out for a matter of centimetres.
16′ – the Rhythms are very low at the Commerzbank-Arena: the hosts try to run the ball between the lines, but there are no spaces.
27′ – SAMUEL FIELD!!! THE BASEL WENT AHEAD WITH A GREAT GOAL!!! The number 10 of the swiss of Italian origins, invents a trajectory incredible free-kick!!!
43′ – The Basel try to press on the accelerator, but the Eintracht you save. There is still a game of Frankfurt.
19.42 – HALF-TIME!

18.56 – HERE WE GO!
5′ – Fred tries after the hint to Bruno Fernandes, a ball that goes high.
11′ – Continued pressure in the offensive from the Manchester United, good approach by Bruno Fernandes.
18′ – DOUBLE CHANCE FOR MATA! The Spanish first does not find the deviation from the two steps, then get the ball out!
24′ – JAMES! ANOTHER CHANCE FOR UNITED! The number 21 controls and shoots from the edge, Schlager, relaxes and clears the danger!
28′ – GOAL!!! GOAL!!! GOAL!!! Ighalo unlock the match with a powerful left-footed shot under the crossbar!!!
44′ – Maguire tries a header on the developments of a corner, the ball, however, ends on the bottom.
19.42 – HALF-TIME!

18.40 – At the moment there are no special updates, you will play regularly. Ten minutes to kick-off, all in accordance with the first of six match.

18.26 – In the meantime, UEFA has confirmed the postponement of Juventus-Lyon and Manchester City-Real Madrid, valid races for the return of the second round.

18.20 – The teams are in the field of heating, in a little while it starts.

18.12 – Inter and Roma today is not playing. Getafe refused to go to Milan while roma remained in Rome because of the prohibition imposed by the Spanish government. The games, for the moment, have been postponed.

18.05 – The emergency coronavirus continues to create problems, but for the moment, the Europa League does not stop. Dear readers Patrick Iannarelli welcomes you to the direct text of the competitions, with kick-off at 18.55 pm.