Europa league, final open to fans: authorized 9500 tickets for Gdansk in Poland

Europeans based on who could 9500 spectators for the final of europa league in the Gdansk program. The uefa wants the fans back to the stadiums. After choosing the offices of thein accordance with those who could actually host 25% of the audience (among them there is also roma ), it was given permission to the presence of the public also for the finals of champions league and europa league.

The rest goes to the organizing committee, the uefa, the federations, broadcasters and commercial partners. However, the covid regulation to which the fans will have to comply and the Polish authorities have time by the end of the week to publish the “their” rules for entry to the stadium. Surely, any typhoid may enter only if he has negative buffers to covid, but it is not specified if he must also have vaccinated.

We’ll find out at the end of the week. There was no”europa league roma, what unfortunate!