Fever, abruzzo in full title in the infrastructure system – abruzzo

“unlike some exponents of the pd, the movement5stelle and some organization of part – continues fever in a note – today we have a well strengthened role of the abruzzo in the strategic programming of the infrastructures with the harbour authority of ancona. This means joining roma to fishery and the ports of civitavecchia and ortona and this passage is fundamental to strengthen the ambition of the abruzzo to enter the system of infrastructures of European mobility. In this perspective and programming is indisputable the fundamental role that the port infrastructure ortonese “.

The negotiations that we carry out firmly in the appropriate locations are in full swing, with clear ideas, projects shared between neighbouring regions and at national level. Finally – concludes fever – I want to calm the pd of Abruzzo that with the authority portal, even with the new president, there is perfect tune so much to have represented the strategy of the region Abruzzo to the government that then is the main actor of this game”.