Finland-Italy, Mancini: “we Win and chiudamo and accounts”

It will be a very difficult race, but we came here to win. The game will be tough, this race, for now, is definitely the most difficult. Finland is deserving the second place and qualify.

Roberto Mancini has clear ideas and it shows in the press conference that precedes the race, with Finland , valid for the sixth match of the qualifying matches at Euro 2020. After the 3-1 win in Armenia, the technical commissioner of the Azzurri absolutely does not want the missteps and has made it clear that will staff turnover: “we will Surely do the exchange. Pilgrims? Has chance to play more in the middle of that forward.” On the possibility of seeing new faces in attack, he said: “let’s See how are Belotti, the Church and Bernardeschi. We are at the beginning of the season, playing two matches and face two trips so it’s quite heavy”.

Finland: Team square and compact

Mancio was focused on the state of the shape of the team, Markku Kanerva, the second in group J, and never defeat after the race of Udine, with the azzurri:

They also have players who are playing for a while and my physical condition is better. They never concede here. A team square and compact. It is a very difficult race, but we came here to win. The game will be tough. This race for now is most certainly the most difficult, comes at a time when usually mild for the National team because we are at the beginning. Finland is doing very well in the group, are deserving the second place and qualify.

On the first half and the episode that occurred in Armenia

The technical commissioner has talked about the episode which involved in the first half and Karapetyan, with allegations of the latter have simulated the contact that led to his expulsion:

I don’t know if it was hit, the referee was there and I don’t know if he has seen the good or evil. I think something may have done, if he has done something wrong, being the captain, should pay more attention. I have not reviewed. I was hoping not to be ejected (Karapetyan, ndr), so we were playing 11 against 11 instead of quit in the defense.

Mancini, having touched on a rather delicate topic, and he said on the agreement between Turin and the Romagna, the central pair of defense of the race in Tbilisi:

Could play with any system, it is not a problem with the defense. When you play every so often, after so many months, there may be errors of position, is to be expected. They are good, it’s just a question of staying together. We have granted a little, a couple of minutes, there are. If you want to attack you have to do it. Chiellini is an expert, is a superb. Romagnoli is younger, has time.

On the use of young people: Important to qualify quickly

The Italian coach has pointed out how to center the qualification to the first can can be important to try on any guy who so far has had less space:

It is important to qualify quickly. It gives us the chance to try some guy with the quality, they can be useful in the future. Then we have to win too for the ranking, for the draw of the World. Will be races where we will try some young man, we need this.