First the words, then the facts: Kick to renewal, thanks in part to a recovery in super

The facts, after the words. Paulo Kick, at the beginning of June, has asked for clear answers. “Renewal? Depends on the Juve”. Between the lines, the indication was quite clear: he there was, and is, subject to certain conditions. What? Be the star of the juventus of the future. With 10 on the back, but not only that: a contract top player in your pocket. In all senses: there has been much discussion of the figures and of the possible engagement, but perhaps more important the status. As long as there is Cristiano Ronaldo, it is obvious, no one except him, not even the argentine, can really be the star of the locker room. But the top of the serie Laguna Larga, in a post-CR7 that sooner or later it will come, is the heir. In his intentions, but perhaps even Juventus.

A recovery sprint. Touched directly by the Covid-19, la Joya does not seem to have suffered from it. On the contrary. Found the goals in all the championship races here played after the restart of the championship, and it was almost always the best in the field of the Old Lady. A net change of step with respect to the first part of the Series In (7 goals in 24 games up to the stop), in a season in crescendo than the last with Merry. And the turning point toward the white smoke, came while discussing whether the 10 Juve is the best player of our football, it may not be a case.