Flower: “The Parma is very practical and has a very interesting project”

The former midfielder Stefano Fiore, present in the semi-final of Euro 2000 between Italy and the Netherlands, do you remember of those moments by the microphones of TMW Radio, in the course of the transmission Stage Open yesterday: “This is a Parma completely different to what I knew, they are not comparable. Our Parma had won and should have and could have won by more. Still has its own identity, and D’aversa is underestimated: this is because all of us are attracted perhaps by the football spectacular or something that will steal the eye. The Parma is very practical, as well as his coach. D’aversa is in the leg: it has a certain type of team and is doing a league above the lines yesterday were winning until 10 minutes from the end and would have been within the area is the Europa League. Technically they don’t have those values there, and this increases the consideration to Faggiano and D’aversa: they do make the toy in the best possible way. The project is interesting, I don’t know if it will continue on this road, but is among the teams that has done far better”.