Football: Bologna, unreleased video, on the shield of the 1925

(X-Sports) – BOLOGNA, 17 MAR – Waiting to resume the
workouts and get back on the field, the Bologna resumes
game that covers the full legitimacy of the championship of the
1925, the first in the history of the club. And it does by posting a
new video, the face to disprove those tales
passed to the history. To contend that the shield is the defender.
A shield won by Bologna after 3 play-offs. The history are
past stories that bring climate militarized, with
mounted police and fascists with the guns at the field edge.
The video of the match, played behind closed doors at 7
morning with a few professionals admitted to the field, has been
published to demonstrate the peaceful atmosphere in which you played
the last act, won by Bologna 2-0. The document was
found by Mirko Trasforini inside the library
Milan. (X-Sports).