Football, inter, series a, zhang jindong: “inter-story symbol of our growth”

The letter of the chairman after the conquest of the 19th shield from the inter, published on the site of the club. After 11 years, with 4 days in advance Inter returned to the top of the series a, bringing the glory back to the Nerazzurri world. This is an important step within a new era, a memorable milestone on the road to return great again.

I express my compliments and those of the whole group to the whole Inter to have won the championship and have added this badge to the Nerazzurri trophies! And this is what has been accomplished today, as in the great and memorable seasons in the past of this club. Back with a look all this season, we can see how Inter has overcome so many difficulties and has created something wonderful.

Thanks to every single member of the great Nerazzurri family. This is the spirit that distinguishes Inter and that we want both of inspiration for all those who recognize themselves in our colors. The result obtained is a symbol of the growth that the club is doing in all aspects.

Sports results, the influence of the Nerazzurri brand, the commercial revenues and the value of the club, reached to our ambitions and our commitment. We won the shield with four days in advance, a wonderful finish. We are still waiting for four games that, I’m sure, we will face up to our performance.

The shield is not the conclusion but the beginning of the journey of Inter. I hope that everyone will continue to feel the hunger for victory, to give everything for the Nerazzurri colors, to fight for our goals. 19, 11 years latermarotta series: “back to the juve?

No, I want to open a cycle at the inter” 01/05/2021 at 15:53