Football market rome – here’s how much josé mourinho will earn: the figures of the contract

mourinho at the roma, starting with a pint tiago that immediately exploited the mou esonero from the triplet tottenham. The news of the day was definitely the officiality of the passage ofalla, starting from the next season . A negotiation born almost by chance, conche immediately exploited the exoneration of mou from the tottenham calling it a few days later .

The Portuguese technician has signed a three-year contract with roma and, according to sky sport, will go to cash 7 million more bonuses per season. Bonuses, of course, departed on the basis of any placements in the championship and/or trophies won. The tottenham will give a hand to mourinho, after the esonero, pouring 9 million to mou for the first season away from the spurs.

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