Football, series a, inter, romelu lukaku: “I’ll fight to death by count”

Romelu lukaku is one of the Antonio count, who wanted it strongly and has accounted for it. Here is his words to the microphones of the transmission the forum. Merit of, that he wanted it strongly and has responsible him.

Here are his words to the microphones of the transmissionthe most beautiful yearseries to antonio count: the multiplier that has triumphed even at the inter 2 hours ago”It was time to celebrate a title with people. I told a friend of mine that it would be nice to hang out in the car and see people. I am very happy for all interists in the world, but also for the team, for the coach, for the company, for the president.

I hope that this title will open a new cycle for the inter. I really hope all other Belgian players can win titles this year: courtois, eden and thorgan hazard, witsel, de bruyne. It would be good for the team to bring this spirit to national so that we all go forward together.

Winning a club title allows you to experience, helps you to better face games. Between me and me I thought that at 27, almost 28, it was now or never again. In career you can score 500 goals, but if you do not win a title it is all useless.

Before I was always a moment behind my defender, now I’m two seconds ahead. Even if it will never be my preference, now I play a fundamental role, a little like shaquille or’neal in basketball. I had not been able to reach him at chelsea, but I always said I would play for him the day when I would leave the manchester united.

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