Football: technical wife Pescara,my daughter attacked in salerno – abruzzo

(ansa) – climb, 09 May – “our daughter, just eighteen years old, was threatened and attacked with pushers and kicks so that the father understands.” The technician of the Adriatic has a Salernitane origins and his family lives in salerno. “After five days of threats and insults directed to our family, the madness consumed this evening is intolerable,” the wife of greasy, explaining the violence suffered by her daughter.

The young, just an adult, last night was approached by unknowns who hit her with pushers and kicks. Also the municipality of salerno, like the fans of the salernitana and the ultras groups, has distanced from the incident. “sport remains sport.

And we – it has underlined the Councillor for sport, Caribbean angel – take the distance from these idiots that nothing has to do with salt, the Salerno, the Salernitan. Solidarity with Jaunluca boldonia and her family on a personal basis and on behalf of the administration.”