Four families in the cable car accident – chronicle

The tragedy of the mottarone cable car hit four families, two residents in lombardia, one in Emilia Romagna and one in calabria. In particular, a family living in pavia was of Israeli origin. The couple, for a long time in Castelsangiovanni, was on a trip to the lake major to celebrate her birthday.

The family in puglia, however, has not had its news since 11, when the 40/year-old sent the sister the last text: “We’re going up on the cable car.” Roberta was fresh in medical studies and worked as a medical guard at the pleasure asl. Silvia malnati, 27 years old, and alessandro merlo, 29, were two varese boyfriends.

In the accident, the Iranian boyfriend Mohammadreza shahaisavandi (23,) died. He also was a resident of diamond, but lived in Rome where he studied. The boy had gone to find the engagement in verbania and together they had gone to make a trip on the mottarone.