From the abruzzo to the anaene for a dream, swimmer 13 years from record – abruzzo

The primates of the manifestation belonged to silvia of pietro (26″31) – obtained in 2006 – and to maria ginevra masciopinto (57″38). In the 200 sl the procaccini has touched the third record, missing for 9 cents the primacy of uberti Alice. valentina begins to swim at the age of 10, after becoming aquatron national champion, following the footsteps of the older sister Aryan and Alice, thanks also to the passion for sports of the father Antonio, former basketball player and handball.

All the plans are twisted by a complication, the covid comes to the family: Antonio and clemirt get sick, daughters go into isolation. The departure for rome, however, is only postponed from the first to 23 December: in a few months Valencia grows and improves exponentially, swimming faster and faster, to the apotheosis of the juvenile criteria.