From tomorrow to weigh national triathlon and duathlon races – brands

(ansa) – weighing, 21 mag – is with a record competition that they weigh, in the sign of sport. The highest numbers ever recorded by these competitions promoted by flipper triathlon ascoli piceno asd in collaboration with the commune of weighro. “We hope may be a weekend of redistribution throughout the city – so the mayor matteo ricci -.

Twice we postponed the event because of the pandemic, we wanted to make this great sports festival live to all citizens. We hope it will be a summer of relaunching for the service sector, which has been severely penalized by pandemic. A season in which we will find some freedom and normality, aware that there will still be shortcomings to be respected.

Invited “friends, collaborators and relatives of the 1,300 athletes who will participate in the championships to return to Pesaro, city of sport, also from tourists”.