Furia juric live tv on sky: “Give respect or I don’t speak with you.” and leave

It lasted little, very little the post-part interview released by ivan juric, coach of the Verona, at the end of the race with the napoli. The journalist began with an observation on the Verona protagonist to the maradona: “a different truth from what we have seen in recent weeks.” An approach that immediately indispettito the coach of the trainee of Scalger, that interrupted his interlocutor to outsource his discontent.

If you don’t follow, you can’t talk like that. I don’t talk to her because she has to respect. ” By the journalist of sky came an attempt to clarify, but it started with a similar observation, on the different piglio shown by the verona against the napoli regarding the previous matches.

Reflection that has further annoyed juric, even harder in his reply. From the studio sky intervenes fabio caressa, landlord, to try to put order. Try to clarify what defines a misunderstanding, but juric continues not to want to hear reasons and continues in his rash for the attitude placed in the questions.

“I’m not with this attitude, which I don’t and today I do. Words to which caress tries to replicate, but without luck. Juric removes the earphone and leaves the interviews position visibly altered.

Anger to which all the Vera comes, with a tweet that expresses the discontent of the whole club.