Genoese bridge: Committee,Aspi does not charge maintenance fees – Liguria

(ansa) – genoese, 06 May – “The rates of tolls we paid for years have not been properly invested by highway companies in maintenance functional to the effectiveness of all routes: the collapse of the Moravian bridge and all the other problems arisen viaducts, tunnels and more. Have only useful product for shareholders, just look at the balance sheets”. The sense of the document, developed by a pool of five Genoese law firms of national level, is essentially that aspi should return the tolls that were not used in investments on the network, maintenance and new works, as provided by the concession.

The committee san cristoforo (patrono degli motoristi) constituted after the collapse of bridge morandi, promoted from the committee zone orange bridge morandi (citizens and enterprises of the districts more directly damaged from the collapse of the bridge,) assiterminal (association terminalisti harbour,) cna and oarci scattered subjects (sindacato ligure of the agents of commerce,) with the support of the committee memory victims morandi bridge, after the judicial front.