Ghion, another debut in Sassuolo in a night that smells like salvation

Sassuolo’s young talent: a combination that is renewed season after season, a pleasant tradition that is accompanying the club neroverde virtually from the landing in the Series, is dated 2013. A maximum in the series that the hosts are preparing to reaffirm for the umpteenth time, thanks also to the victory away against Fiorentina, who can sleep soundly on De Zerbi and his. An evening in which there was glory for the umpteenth boy raised in the nursery, which celebrated the debut as a professional.

Taste of Serie A – Andrea Ghion will long remember the night of the Francs, the one that saw him appear on the stage of Serie A. he Arrived at Sassuolo in 2015, coming from Parma, the young native of Mantua, was immediately established as one of the most interesting profiles in the field of youth neroverde. The protagonist with the Under-17, giving a substantial contribution to the achievement of the quarter-finals of the Scudetto playoffs, Ghion is confirmed in the Spring, soon becoming one of the irreplaceable in the heart of the midfield. Performance maintained on a very good level throughout the seasons 2017-18, and 2018-19, so as to convince the mister De Zerbi to test it in the group of the first team, which is practically no more released starting from the withdrawal of the last summer. A token of esteem nothing evil, confirmed by the tendency to a virtuous technician that, as has already happened in the recent past, has been shown to have no hesitation in throwing the young people at his disposal. Against Fiorentina, Ghion has taken the place of Djuricic to’88’, tasting and celebrating with his comrades to a victory that smells of salvation (and the prospects for a Europe still viable, given that the seventh place is just six points).

Launch ramp – After the early start by the visitors, Ghion became a director or wing-half of a median of three, taking advantage of the excellent technical individual to take the reins of the game and dictate the timing of maneuver of the team. In order to increase their effectiveness in a position so delicate has improved over the years, his contribution in the defensive phase, becoming a factor even when it comes to dab the initiatives of the opponents. The many workouts from the aggregate and the first team have allowed him to make a leap of quality is important from the physical point of view, by learning to live with the rhythms and the physical impact of the maximum series. Andrea on the other hand could count on a base of already good even from this point of view, especially on the level of aerobic endurance that makes it a perpetual motion throughout the course of the match. Listening with great attention to the advice of the technical staff and fellow experts has increased significantly its knowledge, after preparing with great determination to the final jump of the top floor, arrived in the sweet night in Florence. Mister De Zerbi has observed for a long time, seeing him work in silence, waiting for his chance. And Ghion is well-deserved the role of the new young in the launch ramp in Sassuolo, which is the happy island for the young talents of our home.