Green, pupil announces delivery work by 30 June – abruzzo

(ansa) – chieti, 08 May – the agreement signed between the province of chieti and the executive enterprise of the works opens the doors to the delivery, by 30 June next, of the green road of the coast of the trabocchi. Yesterday, as announced by the president of the mario pupil institution, the agreement was signed, that is the scheme act of submission, between the province of chieti and the cogepri, parent company of the grouping that is carrying out the green way of the coast of the trabocchi. The agreement has benefited from the activity of the technical advisory board – consisting of the architect granĂ , the baggage engineer and the engineer shields – which in these months has worked to clarify the respective positions and evaluations.

Signed the agreement the leader of the first sector of the province of chieti, ingegner giancarlo moca, the director of the works, architect francesco Pharaoh, and the paolo paolo spring for the cogepri as head of group.